Teach a Class


Got a skill to share? Ever wanted to be a professor? Interested in leading a discussion or meeting up with people who share your interests? At Bethel University, anyone can teach a class — and we do mean anyone. 

Course proposals for 2023 are now closed. Thanks for submitting great proposals and our team is hard at work reviewing them. Read on below for more information about teaching at Bethel University and stay tuned for upcoming classes.

What to Know for 2023

Things look a little different every year at Bethel University. Here’s what to know for 2023.

  • We plan to offer indoor, outdoor and Zoom classes and sessions. We will follow state guidelines around Covid conditions and safety and may need to change plans based on conditions in March.
  • We will offer three types of sessions:
    • Classes — an opportunity for you to teach a skill or share your knowledge on a subject (you don’t need to be an expert, but you should have some skill or experience with the topic)
    • Meet-ups — informal gatherings for people interested in a shared experience or subject (you don’t need to have experience or teach, but should be ready to introduce the subject and plan an engaging session)
    • Discussion — facilitated conversations on a topic of interest (you don’t need to be an expert, but you should have some experience facilitating a group and be ready to introduce and plan the session)
  • We will offer sessions at consistent start times:
    • Weeknights: 6:30 PM
    • Weekends: 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM
  • Each person can submit up to two class/session proposals.
  • BU will organize one session only for each class or meet-up. Professors and groups can self-organize additional sessions if they like.

Do you need assistance or accommodations with your proposal? Please contact us at betheluniversityvt@gmail.com.

Submit a Proposal

How to submit your course proposal

  • Online form: Please use if possible. It saves us substantial time if you use this form.
  • Paper form: Pick up and return at the Bethel Public Library or Bethel Village Sandwich Shop (available after Jan. 3)
  • Video or audio submission: If you struggle to type or write, we can accept a video or audio submission. Please clearly record your answers to the questions below; if you can, use the online form as a guide to be sure you answer everything. Share the file with us by emailing to betheluniversityvt@gmail.com or uploading it to this Google folder.

Proposal questions and planning

We suggest planning your idea and gathering all the information you need before starting to fill out the proposal form. You can even draft it in a Word document or other file, and then copy/paste into our form. See the Teaching Links and Resources (below) for more information about offering a class or session at Bethel University.

The proposal form will ask you for the following information:

  • Contact and personal info. Name, email, phone, town, title/business (optional), website link (optional) for you and any co-teachers or co-hosts. If desired, share your preferred pronouns and any accommodations you need.
  • Professor/host bio. 1-3 sentence bio about you and any co-teachers or co-hosts.
  • Session type and setting. Choose class, meet-up group or discussion. Choose to teach in person (indoors or outdoors) or virtually on Zoom.
  • Session description. Title, 1-sentence “teaser,” and 1-2 paragraph description. Your description should cover what the topic is, what the class or session will be like or what students will do, and what students or participants will get out of it. Also include any essential information about restrictions, requirements, or preparation (who it’s for, what people should bring or prepare). See these examples of past course titles, descriptions, and bios:
  • Date and time preferences. Tell us your top three dates and times in March, 2023. Also share any general date/time restrictions or preferences in case we are not able to offer your top choices.
  • In-person class details. Tell us what type of space you need and any special equipment (large or small spaces, kitchen or physical activity space, need for projector and screen or chalkboard, etc.). If you have a specific space in mind or want to use your own, tell us where it is.
  • Zoom class details. Tell us about your experience and comfort with online platforms. Check off any Zoom features you expect to need.
  • Materials or equipment requests. If you want to request funding for course materials or help with specialized equipment, tell us what you need and what you expect it will cost.
  • Photo. Upload or email an image to use for session promotion. Limit: 10MB.
  • Other info. Share any other comments or questions, indicate that you understand BU policies, and check off any interest in volunteering or helping with BU.

Use these resources to understand teaching at Bethel University, plan a great class or session, and prepare your proposal.