FAQ – Taking Courses

More questions about taking courses at Bethel University? Read on!

Q: Who is eligible to take a course?

A: Why, you are! (As long as you are breathing, between the ages of 0 and 120, and ready to learn something new.) Courses are open to anyone in Bethel or other towns. Do read course descriptions carefully: some courses do have specific guidelines on ages, previous knowledge, physical fitness, etc.

Q: Can I take more than one course?

A: By all means! Please register for as many as you like… just be sure that you only register if you will definitely attend.

Q: How much does it cost? Do I need to buy books and materials?

A: Our courses are offered free of charge. (Bethel University might just be the only university out there with free tuition.) Be sure to read the full course descriptions for details about supplies, though. In some cases you do need to bring your own equipment (such as a tennis racket or gym shoes). In other cases, we’ll even supply you with the books or materials for the course.

Q: If I register for a course, do I have to attend?

A: We really hope you will. Many of our courses have limits on the number of people who can register, so by signing up you will potentially take a space away from someone else. And, our professors are volunteering their time to create great courses, so it’s only fair to show them the respect of showing up. If you sign up and then realize you will be unable to attend, please let us know so that we can offer your spot to someone else. If a course has multiple sessions and you know you will not be able to attend them all, please contact us before registering. We will get in touch with the professor to find out whether that’s ok.

Q: Will there be a lot of homework?

A: Probably not. Many of our courses are one session only, so there will be no homework or outside work expected. Just show up, enjoy, and go home to enjoy your new skills. If a course has multiple sessions, instructors may assign reading or practice work in between sessions to help you make the most of the class. If you have questions about homework for any particular class, please contact us before you register. We’ll tell you what to expect so that you will be comfortable deciding before you register.

Q: When are the parties?

A: The best thing about college is the parties, right?! Bethel University is no exception. We’re planning a great party at the end to celebrate this project, our students and professors. The party will be open to the public and we look forward to seeing you there! We’ll announce the date and time soon.