FAQ – Taking Classes

More questions about taking classes at Bethel University? Read on!

Q: Who can take classes at Bethel University VT?

A: Why, you can! (As long as you are breathing, between the ages of 0 and 120, and ready to learn something new.) Classes are open to anyone in Bethel or other towns. Do read descriptions carefully: some courses do have specific guidelines on ages, previous knowledge, physical fitness, etc.

Q: Can I take more than one class? 

A: By all means! Please register for as many as you like. But do not register unless you are definitely going to attend. We know it’s free, but there’s nothing worse than having our professors show up to teach to an empty classroom. And most of our classes have space limitations, so it’s also not fair to take a space from someone else. If you register and realize you can’t come, please cancel your registration immediately.

Q: What’s Zoom? How do I join a virtual course?

A: Zoom is a free, online videoconferencing platform that lets people join BU classes from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection). Anyone who joins via a link can see and hear each other, talk, share screens and learn. It’s not quite like being in person, but it’s the next best thing. For some classes, you may be able to dial in and listen or talk with just a phone line. For others, you will need to join with a strong Internet connection, screen, video camera and microphone. If you’re new to Zoom, we have some resources available to help you get set up and learn how to use it.

Q: How much does it cost? Do I need to buy books and materials?

A: Our courses are offered free of charge. (Bethel University might just be the only university out there with free tuition.) Read the class descriptions carefully to find out whether there’s anything you need.

Q: If I register for a class, do I have to attend?

A: Yes! (unless it’s an absolute emergency) Our professors are volunteering their time to create great courses, and they do that based on knowing they have a certain number of attendees. It’s unfair to them if you register but don’t show up. Plus, you could be taking a space away from someone else. If you sign up and then realize you will be unable to attend, please immediately cancel your registration in Eventbrite.

Q: What is our COVID protocol?

A: The BU team does not require vaccination or masking for classes, but we do encourage people to be safe, responsible and neighborly. If you have any Covid symptoms or exposure, please do not come to in-person classes and cancel your registration as soon as possible. We encourage students and professors to be vaccinated before coming to in-person classes and to consider masking, especially in small spaces.

Q: Will there be a lot of homework?

A: Probably not. This year’s courses will be one session only, so no work required afterward. Some professors may recommend you read something or prepare in advance. Read the descriptions for details.

Q: When are the parties?

A: The best thing about college is the parties, right?! Bethel University is no exception. Check out our full class schedule for special events like a spring break party and graduation.