That’s a wrap! Thanks to all of our students and professors for an amazing 2021 virtual semester. We’ve posted a number of recordings online, so check out what you missed!

Bethel University is a free community pop-up university in Bethel, Vermont.

During the month of March each year, anyone can teach courses on any topic under the sun. And anyone can take classes – for FREE! Meet new friends, learn new things, and discover all that our community has to offer. 


Bethel University could not happen without the generous support of Firefly Arts Collective and Green Mountain Feeds, as well as all of our sponsoring businesses and organizations.


Learn more about what Bethel University is and how it get started, or watch a quick video to see a year in the life of BU.


We’re honored to dedicate Bethel University 2020 to our dear friends Dan Prestridge and Laura Rubenis. Both passed away this February, and Bethel University won’t be the same without them. Dan taught classes every year at BU, sending students home with warm hearts and bellies full of barbecue and bread. Laura was one of the driving forces behind starting BU, and so many other community efforts. We’re thinking of them and missing them both.

2020-2021 Sponsors & Supporters

AARP Vermont • Bethel Area Rotary • Casella Waste Management • Ellis Music • Gifford Health Care •  NFP Insurance • White River Credit Union • Bar Harbor Bank & Trust • Northfield Savings Bank • Noyle Johnson Group • Tozier’s Restaurant • Arnold Block • Town of Bethel • White River Valley School • Bethel Public Library • Bethel Village Sandwich Shop • Christ Episcopal Church • United Church of Bethel