Virtual BU

Be a part of BU — from anywhere in the world (with an Internet connection).

In addition to in person events, Bethel University VT has offered classes on Zoom since the pandemic, allowing students and professors to tune in from anywhere in the world. If you’re new to Zoom, check out the links in our Resources section below for help getting started.

How it Works

  1. Sign up for a virtual class. You’ll see that location says “online.”
  2. Shortly before your class, you’ll receive a reminder email through Eventbrite (our registration platform). It will have a link to an online event page. About 30 minutes before your class starts, you’ll see a link to join your Zoom event.
  3. When you’re ready, click “Join” and Zoom will open. The BU host will let you into the Zoom room shortly before the class starts.

Zoom Etiquette at Bethel University

We know it’s a bit different to attend a class on Zoom than it is in person. And BU Zoom sessions are a little bit different than your typical work meetings. Here’s what you need to know.


Show up. We know it’s easy to skip a Zoom session (especially a free one). But please consider your registration a commitment to attend.

Engage. Give your professor and classmates your full attention. Participate, chat, listen, and learn.

Enable video when possible. BU is about building community as much as it is about learning. The experience is much better when participants can see each other on video.

Use “mute” and chat. Help minimize background noise by muting yourself when you’re not talking. You can use the chat feature to ask questions and add comments too. Your BU host can help you find these buttons if you need assistance.


Skip class. BU professors volunteer their time and may require a minimum number of students. It makes them really, really sad if people don’t show up.

Multitask. We’ve all multitasked in webinars and Zoom meetings, but BU sessions are different. Please resist the urge to check your email, shop online, or do your nails.

Worry about video quality. It’s about connection, not quality. Don’t worry if your house is a mess or your lighting is bad.

Leave your microphone on. There is plenty of time to talk and engage in most BU sessions, but we ask you to only unmute yourself when you want to make a comment.