2020 Courses

IMPORTANT! Courses after 3/15 were cancelled in person. Thanks to ALL of our professors this year. We were glad to bring some courses online and look forward to coming back better than ever in 2021. Stay safe!

  • Parish House: 13 N Main Street, Bethel VT 05032
  • White Church: Church Street, Rt. 12 Bethel VT 05032 (next to the band shell)
  • Village Sandwich/Wine Shop: 269 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032
  • Town Hall: 330 N Main Street, Bethel VT 05032 (conference room on bottom floor, kitchen is in the middle of the building)
  • Bethel Public Library: 106 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032
  • Arnold Block: 245 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032
  • Bethel Schools: 273 Pleasant Street, Bethel VT 05032 (more information will be posted for the room if not listed yet)
  • Cornerstone Church: 1453 VT-107, Bethel VT 05032
  • White River Valley Ambulance, 3190 Pleasant St, Bethel, VT 05032

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Health and Wellness

Food and Cooking

Sports, Fitness and Games

Arts, Crafts Music and Theater

Plants and Gardening

House and Home

Books, Writing and Humanities

Community, Politics, and Professional Skills

Course Descriptions

You Just Got a Dog! Now What?

This course will offer an overview for new dog owners of learning to live with your new puppy or dog. I’ll give an impartial review of the many training methods, techniques, and equipment available, as well as criteria for how to decide what’s best for you, your dog, and your lifestyle.

We’ll discuss working toward for basic manners; training for sports like obedience, rally, agility, tracking, and nosework; and AKC Certification programs like Canine Good Citizen or Trick Training.

I will also demonstrate equipment use and basic training methods with my dog Zing, an AKC obedience titled golden retriever.

Instructor: Jennifer Pivovar – After 20 years of golden retriever rescue work and owning adopted goldens, Jennifer retired and decided to raise and train retrievers for competition in dog sports. With Zing and Ricochet she currently competes in AKC Obedience, Rally and Agility. With Zing she has also done waterfowl retriever field work.

Number of Sessions: This course meets once, but is offered multiple times. Please choose one date from the list above and register only once.

Date & Time: Wednesday 3/11, 6-8PM & Sunday 3/22, 3-5PM

Location: Town Hall Upstairs

Materials to Bring: All demonstration materials and dogs are supplied! If you have any particular training equipment you would like to discuss or inquire about, please bring it with you.

Restrictions or Requirements: Please do not bring your dog to this class. This is not a class for children unless they will be the primary dog handler, are at least 13, and are accompanied by a parent.

Deconstructing Dylan

We will study songs from various Bob Dylan albums, including Blonde on Blonde, where he achieved his “wild, thin, mercury sound.” Using passages from books and various recordings, we’ll study some of the songs and create our own arrangements to a few. Players and their instruments are welcome, as are singers.

Leader: Spencer Lewis, Owner of Spencer Lewis Music, http://www.spencerlerwismusic.com – Spencer Lewis is a recording artist with 30 albums to his credit, as well as a producer of other musical artists in his own Woodstone Mountain Studios. He has been performing on the street, in bars, and in concerts since he was 19.

Number of Sessions: This course meets three times.

Date & Time: Cancelled.

Location: Arnold Block, 245 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Restrictions or Requirements: Please be ready to participate, whether singing, playing an instrument, or both.

Parenting from a Christian Perspective

WOW — parenting is hard and we all can use help sometimes. Raising children has never been easy, and each new generation meets different challenges. This course will look at parenting from a Christian perspective, using the Bible as our textbook. The class will include 15-minute lectures as well as discussion and stories from seasoned parents and grandparents.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this course. The one class rule is to be kind to everyone, especially where we might disagree. We will look at passages in the Bible like the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy chapter 6, where God’s people were instructed to teach children diligently.

Instructors: Marty & Julie Bascom, Cornerstone Church, cornerstonechurchvt.org – Marty and Julie are the parents of four children. They have also worked with children, youth, and families in the communities they have lived in.

Number of Sessions: This course meets three times.

Date & Time: Sundays 3/15, 22, & 29, 6-7PM

Location: Cornerstone Church, 1453 VT-107, Bethel VT 05032

Stress Management

Even though stress is a part of our everyday lives, its effects don’t have to be. We don’t always have control over the stressors in our lives, but we do have some control over how stress affects our health and body. If you feel that stress has control over your day, this class is for you. We will learn why the effects of stress may be a key factor in some of your health concerns, such as digestion issues, lack of sleep, or even losing or not losing weight. We will also learn about the role stress plays in our lives and discuss and practice ways to manage its effects so we can work on feeling better and living the life we were meant to live. Class will include lecture and discussion along with easy exercises.

Instructor: Betty White, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Betty is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. As she was training for that position she was amazed to discover exactly how many of her own health issues were directly related to stress and that she was allowing it to affect her without even being aware of it. When she learned that she could manage her stress instead of being harmed by it, she decided to share her knowledge to help others. This will be her third year teaching this class at BU.

Number of Sessions: This course meets two times. All sessions are required.

Date & Time: Thursdays 3/12 & 3/26, 6-7PM

Location: Bethel Public Library

Living with Late-Stage Cancer: A Survivor’s Guide

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a devastating event for patients and their families — especially so when the cancer is already late-stage and may not be curable with conventional treatments. This course is for cancer patients and their caregivers. It will pass on the experience of the course instructor, Stephen Aldrich, who was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized adenocarcinoma of the esophagus in March of 2017 and told he had no more than 4 months left to live. The course will explore all nine categories of response to cancer as described in Dr. Kelley Turner’s book, Radical Remission; discuss The China Study by T. Colin Campbell; and go into depth regarding the latest in allopathic immunotherapies.

Instructor: Stephen Aldrich, Founder, myCancerDB.com, http://www.stephenaldrich.com – Stephen C. Aldrich is a retired serial entrepreneur living in Stockbridge, VT with his wife Deborah, and their golden retriever, Maisy. Steve is the former founder and CEO of Bio Economic Research Associates, LLC. He is also the former Chairman of BALE (Building a Local Economy), and the founder and current Treasurer and VP of the White River Investment Club (WRIC). Having been diagnosed with a terminal cancer and given just a few months to live in March of 2017, Steve dedicated himself to finding a solution to his cancer — even if it meant having to find the cure himself. As a general rule, Steve followed the guidelines promoted by Dr. Kelly Turner in her best selling book “Radical Remission” and pursued cutting-edge personalized, precision therapies. All will be the subject of Steve’s BU course.

Number of Sessions: This course meets three times. All sessions are required.

Date & Time: Thursdays 3/5, 12, & 19, 7-9PM

Location: Parish House, 13 N Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Recommended Reading: Students may want to read the books I will be referring to during the course, Radical Remission by Dr. Kelley Turner and The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

Community Mosaic Art Mural

Participants will gather to learn the basics of making exterior mosaic artwork and help to create a mosaic mural to be installed somewhere in Bethel.

Instructor: Dayna Sabatino, Day Breaks Glass- Vermont Teaching Artist, daybreaksglassvt.com – Dayna studied stained glass in the California Bay Area, where she worked in all aspects of the industry. Building artworks one piece of beautiful glass at a time was a natural fit for her. She has taught courses in many techniques of stained glass and mosaic art, built commissioned works on her own and for other artists, and performed restorations — from small lampshades to large church windows. After returning to the East Coast, she landed in Vermont, where she married and became a mother. Currently, when not busy working on their homestead, Dayna is creating one-of-a-kind works of art, taking commissions, and teaching workshops around New England. For more about Dayna’s work, visit her website: daybreaksglassvt.com.

Number of Sessions: This course meets two times. All sessions are required.

Date & Time: Cancelled

The Biodiversity in Your Yard

Biodiversity isn’t just found in exotic places like tropical rain forests and coral reefs. The diversity of plants and animals that share our own communities, neighborhoods, and yards is equally fascinating. In this course we’ll take a look at the variety of species that have adapted to living among us, and the ways they enrich our lives and support the ecosystem in which we live.

The first session will cover some of the common but relatively unfamiliar critters around us and we’ll spend some time with native pollinators. We will learn how to quickly identify species and the various identification resources available on the Internet. We’ll also talk about ticks, mosquitoes, and other species often thought of as pests.

The second session will include ways to improve the capacity of our yards to increase biodiversity. The first step in that is to increase plant diversity, so we will focus on gardening with native plants, site preparation, plant selection, and providing nesting habitat.

Instructor: Rick Enser, Consulting Conservation Biologist – Rick has been involved in the conservation of biodiversity for over 40 years as an endangered species biologist with government agencies and nonprofit organizations. He has also been a college-level teacher, as adjunct faculty at RI School of Design and University of Rhode Island and in several adult school programs.

Number of Sessions: This course meets two times.

Date & Time: Tuesdays 3/17 & 24, 6-8PM

Location: To Be Determined

Starting on a Path to Health and Wellness

Many of us would like to make changes in our lives to improve our health and wellness, but knowing where to start can be a challenge. This class will help individuals determine and set realistic and sustainable goals toward achieving a specific health or wellness outcome. We will discuss how to establish a clearly defined goal, as well as how to deal with setbacks and barriers. This course will include discussion, peer support, and time to write your goals. It is open to anyone who is interested in improving their health and wellness. Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil to class.

Instructor(s): Katja Evans – Katja recently completed an MS in Health and Wellness with a focus on nutrition. She wants to help people improve their health and wellness through cultivating positive and sustainable lifestyle habits. She has been on her own path to improving her health and wellness and loves supporting others as they embark on theirs. She is also a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach and works to help others minimize their risk of developing lifestyle diseases. Katja’s goal is to empower individuals and act as a guide as they follow their own path to wellness.

Number of Sessions: This course meets two times. All sessions are required.

Date & Time: Cancelled

Spaghetti & Friends

Four easy, quick, and delicious Italian recipes to add to your comfort-food repertoire.

Instructor(s): Giovanni Quilici – Giovanni hails from Italy, has a real passion for cooking, and is curious about the science behind a recipe. He enjoys exploring the processes and combinations that make for a good meal

Number of Sessions: This course meets once, but is offered multiple times. Please choose one date and register only once.

Date & Time: Tues. 3/10, Wed. 3/18, & Fri. 3/27 6:30 – 8:30PM

Location: Town Hall Kitchen

Restrictions or Requirements: No vegans or vegetarians, please!

Introduction to Cosmic Smash Booking

Cosmic Smash Books are both writing journals and art journals wrapped into one. They are a way to connect to the mystery of the universe and your inner wisdom to discover what’s really needed to get things moving in all areas of your life. This could be a new calling, how to get unstuck and move forward with a project, how to deepen your relationship with self, release old stories, and so much more. Using an Intentional Creativity process and simple art supplies and techniques you will learn how to incorporate Cosmic Smash Booking into your daily self-care practices.

Cosmic Smash Booking will allow you to step away from perfectionism — your inner critic and judge — and let go of stress and worries. Let your creative muse out to play and recognize your inner artist. It is fun, freeing, and will deepen your connection with your inner truth, intuition, and wisdom. Feel free to bring your favorite art supplies to share. I will also have have an assortment of art supplies on hand you can use in creating your Cosmic Smash Book.


Isabella Rose – Isabella Rose is passionate about the healing arts. Isabella has extensive background in alternative healing modalities, including Angel Energy Healing, Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Braintap Technology. A doctoral student in the Natural Medicine program at Quantum University, she is a holistic health practitioner, specializing in empowerment and recovery.

Number of Sessions: This course meets two times. All sessions are required.

Date & Time: Sundays 3/1 & 8 1-4PM

Location: Bethel Middle School Art Room

Materials to Bring: Participants may bring their favorite art supplies if they would like but art supplies and materials will be provided.

Real Food for Real People

This cooking class takes you back to the basics — we will cook from scratch, using basic ingredients to make simple foods that are healthy and taste good! It’s for anyone interested in learning more about real food, where to find it, how to cook it, and how to enjoy it! We’ll talk about what qualifies as real food and why it’s important to consume it, then we’ll cook and eat a meal together. If you’ve been confused or concerned because you’re not sure which foods are good and which are bad, of if you’ve been told to stop eating processed foods and don’t know where to start, this class is for you!

Instructor(s): Kim Post – Kim is a NECI grad, a pastry chef turned stay-at-home mom to some kids with food sensitivities. A foodie from the start, Kim has learned to navigate allergies and sensitivities and still eat real, nourishing food that actually tastes good! She’s passionate about teaching others how to eat well and support local producers while doing it.

Number of Sessions: This course meets once, but is offered multiple times. Please choose one date and register only once.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/28 1-4PM

Location: To Be Determined

Restrictions or Requirements: This class is for ages 12 and over. Children under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. Participants need to wear close toed shoes.

Opportunity for All: Community Forum & Story Sharing

What opportunities would you like to have in the White River Valley? Would you like to start a business or go to college? Buy a home or get healthier? What’s getting in the way? And how can our rural towns reinvent the ways we share resources and work together, ensuring that ALL of our community members thrive?

The White River Valley just received a $15,000 Working Communities Challenge grant to understand. Join us for a fun, creative and interactive event to kick off this project. Share your story and priorities for the future. Learn what opportunity means and see how our valley towns are doing with housing, jobs, education, mobility and more. Hear about creative ways that communities are building opportunity. And learn how you or your town can get involved.

Free dinner and childcare provided.

Instructor(s): The White River Consortium is a new collaboration of towns and organizations coming together to build opportunity in our valley. The core team will host and facilitate this event. Current participating towns: Bethel, Braintree, Brookfield, Chelsea, Randolph, Rochester.

Number of Sessions: This meet-up meets one time.

Date & Time: Cancelled

Healing Together: Circle Processes for Community Transformation

Circle processes are tools for healing, conflict resolution, communication, and growth. This meet-up will start with a brief introduction to circle processes and circle keeping. Then we’ll dive into a circle together to learn hands-on about what circle processes feel like and to get to know each other better.

Instructor(s): Owen Daniel-McCarter – Owen is co-owner of Babes Bar in Bethel and a former attorney in Chicago, IL. Through his work with survivors of trauma and conflict, Owen became a trained practitioner of Circle Keeping through the Community Justice for Youth Initiative. He has used this tool in both professional and personal settings to build trust, address harm, understand conflict, and share stories.

Number of Sessions: This course meets once, but is offered multiple times. Please choose one date and register only once

Date & Time: Tues. 3/10 6-8PM & Sat. 3/21 11AM-1PM

Location: Parish House, 13 N Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Restrictions or Requirements: Committed to participation in a circle process, even if only actively listening.

Make Something Beautiful

This course is all about making beautiful things to make people happy. We’ll read the children’s story Maybe Something Beautiful and then make our own beautiful things to give away. At the end of class, we’ll take a walk around town or head out on our own to hide our objects or give them away to make people happy.

Instructor(s): Eliza Stone – Eliza Stone is a first grader at Bethel Elementary School. This is her third year teaching at Bethel University. She loves art, crafts, and making people happy.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Sat. 3/21 12:30-2:30PM

Location: To Be Determined

Materials to Bring: Participants are welcome to bring their own arts, crafts and favorite supplies. We’ll bring a variety of materials to share.

Restrictions or Requirements: This course is geared especially toward kids and families (ages 4 and up), but all ages are welcome.

MapJam! Creating Crowdsourced Digital Maps

Ever wanted to create a free, online community map? Digital maps can be a great way to gather and share information on anything from community resources or historic sites to public art or local farms.

Learn more about digital maps and MapJams here.

Like a music jam, a MapJam is a lighthearted, interactive community event where people come together to have fun and create a map together. In this class, you’ll get to see and experience the MapJam format while learning how to set up, create, share, and populate a digital map for your community or project.

Bring a group from your town or project and you can spend the time planning and setting up your own project map. Come alone and team up with others in the class to try it out.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Thurs. 3/19, 6:00-9:00 PM

Location: Arnold Block, 245 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Materials to Bring: Bring a laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone if you’re able. If not, you can work with a team or borrow a device.

Bethel 101: Everything You Need to Know about Living in Bethel

Ever wondered how to join a committee, or where to find Bethel’s best hikes? Do you have questions about how Town Meeting works, or where to get sand for your driveway? Whether you’re new to town or have lived here for decades, this course will help you discover new things about Bethel and will answer all your questions.

The Bethel Operator’s Manual is a new guide to living in Bethel and getting the most from your community. The Town Meeting Committee wrote the manual to help community members understand how our town works, where to get help, and how to take advantage of all that Bethel has to offer. Join Town Meeting Committee members Victoria Weber and Rick Benson to hear more about the manual and to ask any questions YOU have about Bethel. We will have a lively Q&A session and cover any topics you want to address.


Rick Benson & Victoria Weber – Rick and Victoria are both members of Bethel’s Town Meeting Committee and contributing authors of the Bethel Operator’s Manual.

Rick is a lifelong VT resident and has lived in Bethel since 1987. He is currently Town Moderator and a member of the Development Review Board, Town Meeting Committee, and Bethel Historical Society.

Victoria Weber is a gardener and former environmental law librarian. She has been a member of a handful of Bethel committees over the past 30 years, including a committee on possible landfill pollution and Bethel Town Hall Committee. She currently sits on the Bethel Town Meeting Committee, whose goal is to make Town Meeting interesting, understandable, and fun.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Wednesday 3/11 6-7:30PM

Location: Town Hall Conference Room

Building Cold Frames

Interested in getting an early start on your garden? How about building a cold frame? Cold frames are a simple, flexible, low-tech tool for providing crop protection from the changeable springtime weather. Cold frames are easy to construct, and participants will help make a variety of sizes.

Instructor(s): Rachel Bigelow & David Stefane – Rachel is the owner Foxville Farm in Bethel, which grows seasonal vegetables, meat, and eggs. Dave is the owner of Dr. Dave’s Handyman and Hauling.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/28 11AM-1PM

Location: Foxville Farm 172 Gilman Rd. Bethel

What Makes Your Palate Tick? Making pasta and exploring taste

Join Slow Food Vermont for a hands-on pasta-making course and exploration of taste for all ages. Francesca Arato grew up in Turin, Italy, and recently moved to Sharon, VT. Drawing on her passion for food, knowledge of Italian cooking, and background in education, she will instruct students in making delicious homemade pasta, proving that “slow” food made from local ingredients can actually be quick and easy!

We will then use our pasta as a blank canvas to explore our taste buds. What makes your palate tick? With sauces and special accoutrements, we’ll help students distinguish between flavors like sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. Get to know your taste identity. Are you a super-taster? Families with children welcome.

Instructor(s): Stephanie Gomory & Francesca Arato – Francesca Arato of Sharon and Stephanie Gomory of Montpelier are board members of Slow Food Vermont.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/7 2-5PM

Location: Bethel Middle School Home Economics Room

Fifty Years of Global Connections: Rotary Youth Exchange

Spend an evening enjoying international refreshments and learning about the impact of Bethel Rotary’s fifty-year history of hosting and sponsoring young people during a year spent in a new country to promote international peace and understanding. Hear about the human connections and poignant stories from generations of adventurous young people who expanded their views of our common humanity.
This program has generated stories from local students who spent a year of high school in a different country, living with a host family who spoke an unfamiliar language and practiced their own traditions.
Arguably the even more impactful part has been the students from countries like Japan, Brazil, and Germany who have come here to live in our communities, bringing along their worldviews, touching the hearts of host families, and creating lifelong friendships with area students.
Join Rotary Youth Exchange leaders, host families, and exchange students as they bring this part of Bethel’s history alive through stories and photographs. Share your own stories and learn how you could explore the world with a Youth Exchange Year.

Instructor(s): Rebbie Carleton & Jeanne Conde – Bethel Rotary is a group of area residents who are committed to “Service Above Self.” In 1970 we started our Rotary Youth Exchange program as part of a Rotary International program in over 100 countries to promote international peace and understanding. Bethel Rotary has sponsored local students to spend a year of high school in another country and culture as well as foreign students to attend school and live with a host family in our communities. Consider joining us to promote positive change in our communities and the world.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Cancelled.

Location: Town Hall Upstairs

Kombucha: Beginning and Refining Your Practice

What is kombucha? What do I need to get started making kombucha in my home? The purpose of this course is to demystify the process of brewing kombucha.

Students will learn about brewing tea into kombucha through a combination of learning formats: We’ll begin with a brief slideshow overview, discuss the necessary materials, answer any questions students might have, and taste different types of kombucha. Students may also take home the foundational culture (the scoby or mother) they’ll need to start brewing. Come learn about this fantastic fizzy beverage!

Instructor(s): Nicole Stuart – Nicole has been brewing kombucha at home with simple materials for more than five years. She has taught colleagues about making kombucha, and she hopes to encourage others to take up this simple art.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Sunday 3/29 10-Noon

Location: To Be Determined

Materials to Bring: Participants should bring their own 2-quart ball jar if they would like to bring a scoby and starter tea home.

Restrictions or Requirements: This class is not intended for people under the age of 16.

Emotional Eating: Make peace with your plate

Is your eating sometimes out of control but you don’t quite understand why? Are your emotions all over the place and it feels like food helps get you through? Do you eat even when you don’t feel hungry? If you can relate to any or all of these, then you ought to check out this class. We will work on ways to understand that what we are really hungry for often has nothing to do with food. We will learn to recognize these times and learn some coping mechanisms to help us get through them. We will also work on developing healthier eating habits and improving body image. Make peace with your plate and reclaim your body and life!

Instructor(s): Betty White – Betty is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Emotional eating has been a personal struggle for her since childhood, and she just completed a 6-month course on emotional eating through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Betty looks forward to sharing what she’s learned with people facing similar struggles.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/7 10-11:30AM

Location: Bethel Town Library

Restrictions or Requirements: This class is not intended for people under the age of 12.

Identifying Trees in the Pine Family in Vermont

This course will teach participants to differentiate and identify those conifers in the pine family that are commonly found in Vermont: pine, spruce, fir, larch, Douglas-fir, and hemlock. Through lecture with slides and samples as well as a walk in the neighborhood, participants will gain a firm grasp of how conifers are classified and an understanding of how to distinguish between them.

Instructor(s): Mark Duntemann, Duntemann Urban Forestry, naturalpathforestry.com, Mark is an International Society of Arboriculture Board-Certified Master Arborist and the Vermont representative to the Board of the New England Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. He has a Master’s degree in Urban Forestry from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and has been an urban forestry consultant for over thirty years. Mark also lectures internationally on urban forestry issues.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Sunday 3/8 2-3:30pm

Location: Bethel Public Library

Amazing Ideas about Infinity

This interactive lecture will explore many amazing but elementary ideas about infinity.

Instructor(s): Larry Satcowitz – Larry is a math teacher who loves to tell stories about mathematics that you didn’t learn in school.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Tuesday 3/10 7-8:30pm

Location: Town Hall Conference Room

Grant Funding for Charity and Community

This one-session course will provide participants with a basic understanding of how to find, apply for, and manage grant funding for charitable and community purposes. Geared toward those new to the world of grant funding, the course will also be useful to those who may have applied for grants before but are hungry for more information on building a grant strategy for their organization or community group.

Topics covered will include: determining whether your organization is “grant-ready”; finding opportunities and assessing their potential fit with your project or program; approaching funders and managing the relationship; building a funding schedule; building a proposal; budgeting; and managing the project and the award.

Instructor(s): Tom Warhol, Perfect Pitch Grant Consulting Services, http://www.perfectpitch.pro, Tom Warhol is the owner and principal writer for Perfect Pitch, LLC, a professional grant and communications consultancy aiding organizations in honing their messages and missions to achieve greater success. Tom has been helping to fund mission-driven work for eight years, including as a grants manager for the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) and the Vermont Foodbank.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Monday 3/30 6-9pm

Location: Arnold Block, 245 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Learn to Crochet

This course will provide all the basics of crocheting. We will start with a brief history, move on to some technique demos, and then proceed with hands-on learning. After a break, the remaining class time will be spent practicing crochet and one-on-one pointers and troubleshooting.

Instructor(s): Fran Robinson, Fran has been crocheting for as long as she can remember — her grandmother taught her how when she was four years old. As a teenager, Fran progressed to long scarves, and as a young wife and mother, she made afghans, sweaters, shawls, and doilies. Fran currently spends most of her fiber time knitting, but she almost always has a crochet project going as well. Come and learn this relaxing and satisfying skill!

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Friday 3/6 6-8pm

Location: Bethel Public Library

Restrictions or Requirements: No prerequisites or skills needed. Best for children over 12, but kids under 12 are welcome with an adult.

Photography for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Does your small business need a visual marketing makeover? In an age where Instagram, Facebook, blogs, and websites are often the biggest drivers of clients to your business, good photographs can be the best catalysts. In this class, you’ll learn how to use the camera you already own (even if it’s just a smartphone) to take clean, professional-looking photos of people, places, and products using natural light and a few supplies you can find at the craft store.

We’ll begin the class with looking at some local businesses who have utilized stunning photos to grow their clientele, have a conversation about photographic style and how it relates to businesses, and work with students on what kind of images work best for their individual businesses. We’ll then bring out our cameras and learn how to photograph product using natural light and use posterboard to make a homemade photo studio. Afterwards, we’ll learn how to photograph people and take headshots of each other using natural light and our cameras. We’ll finish the class with a discussion on how to edit photos both on our phones and computers and some low-cost solutions for doing this.

Instructor(s): Sarah Priestap-Porter, Owner, Two Of Us Photography – Sarah is a professional photojournalist who works full-time as a wedding, freelance, and documentary business photographer. Sarah has a BA in photojournalism and was a Valley News staff photographer before leaving to run her own business.
Sarah’s work has been published in the New York Times, London’s Daily Telegraph, Vox.com, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine, USA Today, and distributed by the Associated Press.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Sunday 3/22 12-2pm

Location: Bethel Public Library

Materials to Bring: Bring your own camera, whether that’s a smartphone, point and shoot, or DSLR. If you have a laptop with photo-editing software, bring that as well.

Restrictions or Requirements: Open to all those 16 years old and up.

Bethel: History and Stories for All Ages

We will explore through presentations three important components of Bethel’s history: The railroad (Bob Taylor), GW Plastics (Steve Day, Brenda Bager, Ben Reel), and Bethel Mills (the Durfee family).

Instructor(s): Cathy Day, All instructors have long histories with their organizations.

Number of Sessions: This course meets three times.

Date & Time: Mondays 3/9, 3/16, & 3/23 5:30-6:30pm

Location: Bethel Public Library

The Power in the Voice of the Poem

Poetry is a living language, a conduit between the reader and the greater being. The aim of this course is to embolden writers and readers of poetry to really feel the words of a poem and learn to change the flatness of the two-dimensional page into the physical voice and expression of almighty life. We will read to lift the poetry of ourselves up to the face of the world and visualize the nature of the poet within. This will not be a totally serious class except in the service of the ideals of the poems being considered, nor will it be a meek poetry-reading workshop. We will be bold. It will be fun!

Instructor(s): Steven Augustus, Dak & Company – Steven has been teaching, writing, and reading poetry for more than forty years. He appreciates the classics, but his focus is on the current condition of the art. Steven is also a gifted singer and orator who loves to entertain, and he uses humor and compassion to draw his students into the mysteries that unfold through well-written and well-spoken verse.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Wednesday 3/4 6:30-8pm

Location: Bethel Middle School

Materials to Bring: Feel free to bring any personal or classic or modern poems that you want to learn to orate. Paper and pen is always on you anyway.

Protecting Your Privacy Online

Have you had enough of big tech companies listening to your conversations? Do you want to do something about your privacy when using your smartphone? Are you simply concerned about your privacy online?

Well, there’s good news: Installing a lock at your digital door is easier than you think! This course will give you the basics regarding good habits to have on the Internet and on all your devices. We will go over topics such as setting up your browser restrictively, masking your digital fingerprint, limiting your exposure to ads online, using alternative services that are privacy-friendly, and changing your IP address.

Instructor(s): Christopher Deshayes, Graduate of Vermont Law School – Christopher is French and completed his JD in France, then he pursued a Master’s Degree at Vermont Law School and passed the New York bar. Since he was a kid, he has been passionate about technology and computers. Christopher developed an interest in online privacy and taught himself how to use computers more consciously. He believes that everyone should use computers ethically and that we can all develop better digital hygiene.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Sunday 3/1 1:30-2:30pm

Location: Bethel Middle School

Materials to Bring: Please bring your phone, tablet, or laptop. We will do little workshops and implement the protections right away.

Restrictions or Requirements: No prior experience needed.

Roll Your Own Sushi

If you are interested in learning how to make sushi, this class is for you! We’ll start with a history of sushi in America and talk about the different types of sushi. Then we’ll continue with demonstrations on how to cook rice and properly prepare it for sushi, and on how to make several types of sushi, including maki, uramaki, and nigiri, as well as shrimp tempura and sashimi.

Finally, you will use raw vegetables, raw tuna and tilapia, shrimp tempura, and smoked salmon to roll your own sushi.

Please bring a big appetite and a willingness to learn!

Instructor(s): Eddie Staples & Fran Staples – Eddie is a 15-year-old homeschooler who enjoys preparing and eating sushi. He has been making sushi for over six years and is constantly researching and practicing the art.

This year marks the fourth time Eddie has taught his sushi class for Bethel University, and it has always been fully enrolled. People always enjoy the class no matter their comfort level in cooking. You don’t need to be a skilled cook to attend — everyone is welcome.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Wednesday 3/4 5:15-7:15pm

Location: Bethel Middle School Home Economics Room

Restrictions or Requirements: Open to those 10 years old and up.

Introduction to Dowsing: Connecting to your intuition

Dowsing is the search for information by means of a hand-held instrument and faculties beyond the five physical senses. It involves higher levels of mind and spirit, energies beyond the simply electromagnetic, and both transmission and detection of subtle energies.

In this class, participants will be introduced to the concept of dowsing and descriptions of how it has been used historically. The teacher will have some dowsing tools that she uses and we will have fun getting a response from our instruments with some practical hands-on learning exercises.

Instructor(s): Lisa McCrory, Co-Owner, Earthwise Farm & Forest, http://www.earthwisefarmandforest.com – Lisa McCrory is an Organic Farmer, Artist and Consultant living in Bethel, VT. She was first introduced to dowsing in 1991 and has been applying it to many facets of her daily life, from the internal spiritual search to farming/gardening & co-creating with the earth to caring for her livestock, and finding water.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Tuesday 3/10 6:30-8pm

Location: Town Hall Upstairs

Materials to Bring: If you have your own L-Rods or pendulums feel free to bring them.

Small Woodlot Management

I would like to offer a class for people who are interested in managing their backyard woods or woodlots. This class is for very small forestland owners to large forestland owners or people who are just interested in the management of forests. After taking this class, students will be armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions about managing their forests.

This class will cover basic forest management principals, tree silvics, forest trail maintenance, and more. Half of the class will be dedicated to a presentation, and the other half of the class will be dedicated to both discussion and answering forestry related questions. People attending this class should bring their forest related questions.

Instructor(s): AJ Follensbee, Windsor/Orange County Forester – AJ Follensbee is the Windsor/Orange County Forester with the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. He has been working in the forests of Vermont since graduating from The University of Maine in 2010 with a degree in Forest Management. He has been a County Forester since the summer of 2016. He grew up in the Upper Valley, in Thetford VT, and currently lives in Bradford VT.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Cancelled

Location: Town Hall Upstairs

“You Come Too”: Learning to read Robert Frost

In examining the work of celebrated poet Robert Frost we will focus on a number of poems where he highlights moments of practical human decision-making. Understanding these poems can help people think about how they have made important life decisions in the past, and how they might make them differently in the future. Students will have the opportunity to read the poems together, to learn a little about Frost’s life and the context in which the poems were written, and to participate in a guided discussion about their meaning and their potential significance for us today.

Instructor(s): Philip Crossman – Aside from being a high school English and/or Social Studies teacher for over a decade, Phillip has taught at CCV for about 25 years (History and Philosophy mostly). He taught at Champlain College for about eight years, and has taught online Ethics courses for Norwich University for the last three years.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Wednesday 3/25 6-8:30pm

Location: Bethel Public Library

Wines of the Americas

We will discuss the history of wine/grape growing on the North & South American continents and the cultural and climate factors that shaped those developments. We will also sample a variety of the wines that help tell this story.

Instructor(s): Todd Trzaskos, VT Wine Media, VTWineMedia.com, – Todd is a longtime wine explorer with connections to the local wine-growing community and beyond. A home winemaker, he lectures on cold-climate vines and is the author of Wines of Vermont: A History of Pioneer Fermentation.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Friday 3/13 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Village Sandwich Shop

Nonprofit Jobs: What you need to know to get hired

There are over six thousand nonprofit organizations in Vermont, accounting for 18 percent of the state’s economy! Have you ever wondered what it takes to get noticed by a nonprofit and how to get a job with one?

This course will provide insights, both personal and professional, from a search consultant who works for the largest recruiting firm focused exclusively on the not-for-profit sector. We will discuss transferable skills and experience, how you can make your resume stand out, and how to network your way into a job. Bring your dreams – and your resume for feedback and suggestions.

Instructor(s): Liz Vago – Liz is an executive search consultant with Isaacson Miller (www.imsearch.com) who has built a diverse search practice that spans higher education, K-12, advocacy and social service organizations, civic institutions, and select mission-driven for-profit companies. Her clients range from large public and private research universities to small independent schools and not-for-profit organizations serving the greater good. In addition to stewarding academic leadership searches, Liz has developed a comprehensive track record of success in finance and administrative leadership searches. Previously, Liz was Search Counsel for the Galler Group, a boutique firm focused on building fundraising capacity for nonprofits.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Monday 3/9 5:30-7:30pm

Location: Town Hall Downstairs Conference Room

Materials to Bring: Participants should bring something to take notes on and, if they like, their current resume for review and feedback.

Signing Practice

The best way to learn a language is through practice, and much like a muscle, if you don’t use it, it will weaken. This meet-up is a follow-up to last year’s Signed Languages course and anyone — not just those who took that class — who wants to practice their signing skills in a group is welcome, from beginners to fluent speakers!

Instructor(s): Alexis Taylor-Young – Alexis “ATY” Taylor-Young is a senior at WRVHS and a language enthusiast. She has taken classes in ASL at Gallaudet University and has been learning the language since she was young.

Number of Sessions: This course meets twice.

Date & Time: Sundays 3/15 & 3/22 1:30-2:30pm

Location: To Be Determined

Restrictions or Requirements: Knowledge of the ASL alphabet and a few basic signs.

Zen and the Art of Ski/Snowboard Maintenance

This class will teach the basics of of tuning your skis and snowboards and getting them ready for the mountain. Students will learn how to clean and prepare equipment, apply wax with a hot iron, and sharpen edges.

Details of practical applications for different skill levels, snow temperature, weather conditions, edge concepts, general maintenance, and summerization of ski/snowboard equipment will also be discussed. Finding a flow state and enlightenment might be achieved… All essential tools and materials will be provided. Just bring your gear!

Instructor(s): Kyle Cartwright, Cartwright Construction – Kyle grew up skiing and snowboarding in the mountains of Vermont and has been snowboarding for twenty-five years. He has found that tuning his equipment not only leads to a more enjoyable and safer time on the slopes, but it can be empowering as well. And, of course, it can be a wonderful respite from the daily grind!

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Wednesday 3/11 5-6:30pm

Location: Bethel Middle School Art Room

Materials to Bring: Students may bring any tuning equipment and wax they might have already.

I’ve Heard This Movie Before: Radio plays from the medium’s golden age

Long before podcasts, radio plays enthralled listeners with action serials, adaptations of classic movies, and comedy. After a brief introduction to the medium, we’ll dive right into reading some classics live — maybe daring detective Candy Matson, a classic script by Orson Welles, or…? We’ll choose together based on the actors in the room and where the day takes us. Newcomers, experienced actors, and everyone in between is welcome to take a role! We’ll also have some “special effects” on hand to make things even more fun.

Instructor(s): Bridgett Taylor & Tyler Strong – Tyler is a local librarian with a passion for the arts. He recently acted for The White River Valley Players in their production of The Singing Master, which was also his first time singing on stage. However, he never strays far from his interests — screening zany movies and hosting tabletop role-playing game nights where he gets to try out and share some of his ridiculous voices.

Bridgett is a resident of Royalton and has been reading radio plays with friends for several years.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Monday 3/2 6-8pm

Location: Bethel Public Library

Materials to Bring: If participants bring a laptop or tablet, they can use it to access scripts, but we will also provide printed copies.

Elementary School Math for Parents

What the heck is the area model? Partial products? Partial quotients? Why aren’t my kids learning math like I did? In this course, we’ll look at how students are learning math these days in fourth through sixth grade. We will have time for specific questions, so bring along some of your child’s work if you like.

Instructor(s): Julie Hinman – Julie has taught upper elementary math for many years at Randolph Elementary and has had many professional development courses in math instruction.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Thursday 3/5 6-8pm

Location: Bethel Middle School

Materials to Bring: Pencil & paper

Hospice and Palliative Care: What you should know

This class will offer insight into end-of-life options and care, including what you need to know to help yourself and your family in these difficult times. The instructor will help attendees understand the paperwork needed, the difference between hospice and palliative care, and when to start requesting these services for yourself or loved ones.

Instructor(s): Bethany Silloway, Gifford Health Care , giffordhealthcare.org, – Dr. Christine Maloney is a palliative care physician at DHMC and at Gifford Medical Center, where she works with Gifford’s palliative care team.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Monday 3/23 7-8pm

Location: Town Hall Downstairs Conference Room

Knitting Democracy Together

We’re making a state capitol building out of yarn! This class is for anyone who wants to build democracy – both literally and figuratively. We’ll be knitting, cutting, and crafting a 3-foot tall sculpture of yarn and felt. There will be activities for knitters and non-knitters alike.

We’ll talk about ways to better connect elected officials with the people they represent. You’ll learn about the innovative election financing programs in Maine and Seattle. You will leave with a positive attitude toward democracy and ideas for improving the electoral process.

Instructor(s): Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Artist, evejacobs-carnahan.com – Eve Jacobs-Carnahan makes knitted sculptures exploring issues in democracy. Her artwork is informed by her past experience as an election law lawyer. Eve is a 2020 recipient of a Public Art Learning Fund grant. She’s using the grant to learn how to connect people with ideas and each other through art and knitting. Kate Lapp is the Government Reform Associate and Project Coordinator for the Vermont Public Interest Research Group. She is a lifelong Vermonter with nearly a decade of electoral campaign, grassroots organizing, and activism experience.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/21 2:30-4pm

Location: To Be Determined

Materials to Bring: Bring knitting needles (sizes 5-8) or crochet needle, worsted weight yarn (grey, cream, brown), and fabric scissors for cutting felt if you have them.

Restrictions or Requirements: Ages 10 to adult; ability to knit or crochet is helpful but NOT required

Logo Design Basics

Using examples of Farmrun’s work and process, we’ll look at the conversation, consideration, and concept development that drives the logo design process.

Whether you have a nascent business idea, an organization in need of a rebrand, or simply an interest in the topic, this class can help. We will focus on the design process, which means that the most technically advanced tools you’ll need to succeed are a pencil and paper.

We’ll cover brainstorming, research, inspiration, concept, drafting, and refining our logos.

Instructor(s): Andrew Plotsky, Principal, Farmrun, http://www.farmrun.com – Andrew is the principal of Farmrun, a creative studio in Bethel that specializes in branding & photography. He also co-owns Stitchdown Farm, a diversified flower farm and floristry in Bethel.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/21 1-2:30pm

Location: Town Hall Upstairs

Core Strength for Better Living

Bodies with strong cores are able to move more safely, more efficiently, and more effectively. In this course, designed for all levels and abilities, we will learn to initiate movement from our core — not our lower backs — and we’ll practice how to safely and thoughtfully strengthen the center of our bodies so that we’re less likely to become injured when performing the tasks of daily life. Based upon the principals of Stott Pilates, this mat-based class will help us build muscle and gain awareness that will benefit us whether we’re experienced athletes or just want to move with more ease. Think core strength comes from doing thousands of crunches? Think again!

Instructor(s): Kristen Gage, Co-Owner/Trainer, Movement Evolved, http://www.movementevolvedvt.com – Kristen Gage is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and co-owner of Movement Evolved in Randolph, where she teaches an all-level Core Strength class twice a week. She holds multiple certifications in fitness, nutrition, and wellness, and is particularly interested in perinatal and women’s midlife fitness.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Tuesday 3/31 5-6pm

Location: Arnold Block, 245 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Materials to Bring: Please bring a yoga/Pilates/fitness mat if you have one. A limited number of mats will be available to borrow from the instructor.

Restrictions or Requirements: Participants must be able to get up and down off the floor and lie on their backs for several minutes at a time. This class is not suitable for pregnant women in their second or third trimester.

How to Make a Pop-Up Card

The purpose of this class is to teach kids of all ages how to make a basic pop-up card using repurposed materials and their own art work. Class participants will leave with a card that is complete or at a stage that they can complete on their own at home.

Instructor(s): Nicole Stuart – I am a special educator who works in a local elementary school. I rarely get to use this technique during teaching, but I love showing people how to make pop-up cards. I believe art is more about expression than talent, and I want people to enjoy making their own stylized art.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Sunday 3/1 10am-noon

Location: Bethel Middle School Art Room

Materials to Bring: People should bring old file folders, colorful catalogs, watercolor paint, and glue for reuse.

Home Composting: From the basics to worm bins

This class is designed for people who are new to composting, or those who want to scale up their system. Compost systems can vary relative to the practices used and the equipment needed. Class participants will learn about these different types of composting, the essential elements, and trouble-shooting strategies. The class will culminate in an interactive demonstration of worm compost harvesting.

Instructor(s): Nicole Stuart – I have been composting in urban and rural environments for twenty years. I currently manage three systems for my home garden, and I have taught about decomposition to middle schoolers using vermicompost. I was the compost coordinator for a community garden in Illinois, and I am a full-fledged compost geek, who would like others to develop this skill of turning waste into gold.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Sunday 3/8 10am-noon

Location: Town Hall Downstairs Conference Room

Materials to Bring: Pencil & paper

DIY All-Natural Home and Body-Care Products

This course is for anyone wanting to bring more “healthy” into your home! Learn to make “good for you” body, home and garden products using simple methods and ingredients including some essential oils. Cleaners, room sprays, body sprays, toothpaste and bug repellent, just to name a few. I will share recipes and we’ll make a few products together.

WARNING! Once you get started, this may become addictive!…in a healthy way of course!

Instructor(s): Deb LaCava – I am a gardener who’s been inspired by nature over the years to get back to the basics! In a toxic world, learning to make and create your own products is crucial to your health and well being! …it’s easier than you think and a lot of fun!

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Friday 3/20 6-8pm

Location: Town Hall Downstairs Conference Room

Materials to Bring: Pencil & paper

Introduction to Signed Languages

Students will learn some introductory phrases in American Sign Language (ASL) and Pidgin Signed English (PSE) as well as some of history of the signed languages in the world, and with a bit of Deaf history sprinkled in. By the end of the class you will be prepared to order your favorite coffee at the Signing Starbucks in D.C.
Any person with an interest in ASL (or any sign language, linguistics, or history) is welcome to attend. Students with no signing experience, as well as those with prior knowledge of the language, who want to learn more of the history are welcome, as are students of all ages.

Instructor(s): Alexis Taylor-Young – Alexis Taylor-Young is a senior at WRVHS. She has an interest in linguistics and history (among other subjects) and has been signing for many years (she’s not sure the exact number).
She started learning from a book as a small child, but her biggest instruction was when she went to the Austine/Lions Camp for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing for a number of years. Since then she’s kept up the signing in a variety of ways, from attending other events for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, to working on a song interpretation for 4-H every year for the past two years, to watching too much d/Deaf YouTube, and last summer spent a week at Gallaudet University.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/7 1-3pm

Location: Bethel Middle School

Materials to Bring: Pencil & paper

Access to Justice Online: Using the Vermont Court’s New eFiling and Public Access Systems

The Vermont court system is implementing dramatic technological changes and improvements designed to bring the courts into the 21st century, and to provide better and more efficient access to justice for all Vermonters. Two of the central pillars of this process are (1) a new electronic filing system that will offer universal filing access to all court users — including both attorneys and self-represented litigants — in all case types statewide from any location, and (2) a Public Portal website allowing court users and members of the general public an improved access to case records, hearing schedules, and other vital information. This course will provide an overview of these new services and a hands-on tutorial on how to register and use them. You’ll have an opportunity to file your own pretend cases into the court’s testing/training site, and to view those cases through the online Portal site. Whether you’re a legal professional, a private citizen who is or may become involved in a court case, or someone with an interest in our state’s justice system, this class will give you useful, practical instruction on how to interact electronically with the court system now and in the future.
This class is best suited for adults with some basic computer literacy (using web browsers, saving and editing documents) but no specialized technological or legal knowledge is required. Please note that this class is informational only and will not provide any type of legal advice or assistance regarding specific court cases or legal problems.

Instructor(s): Andy Stone, Project Team Leader, Vermont Judiciary – Andy Stone is a lawyer and the project team leader at the Vermont Judiciary for this new service.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Cancelled

Planning an Overnight Bicycle Adventure

Are you considering or planning an overnight bicycle adventure this year? This practically oriented session will include a brief presentation, a one-page handout, and extensive opportunities for Q & A and discussion. Equipment and resource materials will be shared and displayed, including a display bike that’s fully equipped for overnight travel.

Anyone of any age in reasonably good health can enjoy a cycling adventure; you don’t have to be a super-fit athlete. Come to this session and learn everything you need to know about how to plan and enjoy a cycling trip, whether for one night, one week, or more!

Instructor(s): Gretta Stone – Gretta is a longtime bicycle tourist with experience riding in Europe and North America. She usually camps but occasionally uses B&Bs, motels, and home hospitality. She usually rides solo, but she has ridden in large organized events and small groups.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Thursday 3/12 7-8:30pm

Location: Town Hall Downstairs Conference Room

Rent Right

Rent Right is a series of classes for tenants and those searching for rental housing. Capstone Community Action has teamed up with CVOEO’s (Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity) Vermont Tenants to implement the Rent Right Program in Orange and Northern Windsor Counties. In this workshop, we’ll combine two of the most sought after sessions. The workshop is taught through lecture and class discussion.

In the first part of the workshop, we’ll talk about Finding Housing. Students will leave with a packet of housing search tools and an overview of the housing search process. They will learn how to draft a resume to give potential landlords and learn how to set up a plan for addressing specific individual barriers to getting into housing. Students will also learn about Tenant Skills. This part of the workshop covers basic tenant rights and responsibilities, including landlord communication, leases, security deposits, dealing with problems, repairs, neighbors, etc. We will also review legal responsibilities as a tenant, avoiding common evictions and available resources to help keep housing.

Instructor(s): Ramsey Papp, Family Development Housing Counselor, Capstone Community Action, http://www.capstonevt.org – Ramsey Papp has been a Family Development Housing Counselor with Capstone Community Action since the fall of 2014. She has been trained to teach Rent Right and has participated in many Fair Housing workshops over the past 6 years, as well as working with clients to find housing and to overcome barriers to getting accepted into housing. She believes that everyone should learn about the ideas presented in this workshop because people are not taught about renting in school, and it is valuable to understand the concepts before entering into housing agreements.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Thursday 3/5 6-8pm

Location: Bethel Middle School

Materials to Bring: Pen & paper

Learning about Essential Oils

This class will examine the health benefits of using essential oils. We will talk about the most commonly used essential oils, what they can be used for, and their benefits. Students will also make their own roller bottle with an oil of their choice. Informational handouts will be available for those who would like to learn more.

Instructor(s): Meredith Manning, Young Living Distributor, https://yl.pe/meregethealthy, – Meredith started using essential oils in her life as a way to clean chemicals out of her house and a way to help with health issues like migraine headaches. She will teach from the knowledge and experience she has gained over the last year of research.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Sunday 3/29 12:30-2:30pm

Location: To Be Determined

Raise Your Voice: DIY Political Postcards

There’s a lot going on in the world these days. Whether you are happy with a representative, scared about the future, or frustrated about a specific issue – write about it and use your voice! Join a DIY postcard party. We’ll provide heavy paper, markers, collage materials, and the addresses of political officials (local, state, and federal). Bring your favorite writing utensil, and leave with postcards ready to mail.

Instructor(s): Lylee Rauch-Kacenski – Lylee is a generalist in many subjects and an artist at heart. Her background includes degrees in visual art and urban planning and work as varied as graphic designer, small business owner, art educator, researcher, retreat center chef, gardener, and baker. As a co-owner of the Arnold Block, she is focused on the intersection of community engagement and economic development. She believes that it’s up to all of us to step up and help create the world we want to live in.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/7 12-2pm

Location: Arnold Block, 245 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Materials to Bring: Your favorite pen

Restrictions or Requirements: Anyone can come, no experience necessary. Older kids with parents are okay.

Autoimmune Support

This group grew out of a Bethel U class on fibromyalgia held last year. Participants expressed that people with autoimmune issues had a desire to get together and discuss their experiences, as well as support each other with techniques that we have found helpful in our respective journeys.

Instructor(s): Shelie Richardson – Shelie has had fibromyalgia for 24 years. She has medical experience, is a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, and is an ordained priest who does pastoral counseling. Shelie is happy to convene a meet-up that will help others on their journeys, which can be lonely and distressing.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Monday 3/16 6-7:30pm

Location: Town Hall Downstairs Conference Room

Nerf Gun Wars for Adults and Kids

Nerf gun battles are a great way to have fun and get some exercise in an exciting and fast-paced environment. Play a game of capture the flag or an exciting version of free-for-all. We will quickly give the rules, divide the groups into two colors by age, and then the fun will begin. Adults and kids are welcome to play.

The first 1.5 hours we’ll use only un-modded blasters, N-Strike blasters, and anything compatible with N-Strike. Then there will be a 15-minute break for pickup. During the last 45 minutes, all kinds of blasters can be used, including but not limited to: modded Nerf Guns of any brand and Rival Blasters (balls).

We will have plenty of goggles and N-Strike darts, but we ask that, if you bring rival blasters, you bring your own balls.

Instructor(s): Eddie Staples – Eddie Staples, a home school student and popular BU professor, has had great success over the past four years organizing a Nerf gun get-together that’s been a lot of fun for both adults and kids. Last year more than 40 people attended — let’s try to beat that number this year!

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Cancelled

“Live from Bethel” Coffeehouse

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Musicians and performing artists of all traditions are invited to take part in an evening of entertainment by the community and for the community. Anyone is welcome to come watch and enjoy the show (but please register!).

Participants can sign up to take the stage for 5-15 minutes at a time for whatever type of performance they would like to share.

Instructor(s): Rebecca and Andy Stone – Andy and Rebecca, your hosts for this coffeehouse, are a local couple who never let their own very amateur musical talents detract from their great joy in making music together and with others. They hope to lead a welcoming and supportive event where everyone’s unique talent and willingness to put themselves in the spotlight is celebrated.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Friday 3/27 7:00-9:00 PM

Location: Arnold Block, 245 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Restrictions or Requirements: Teens and adults are welcome to participate. Everyone is welcome to watch, listen, and enjoy!

Materials to Bring: BYOB. We’ll provide some coffee and light refreshments. If you want to perform, bring whatever instruments or setup you will need. We’ll provide a mic and stand. Please aim for acoustic / low key — we won’t have space or time to be setting up sound systems or major equipment!

Want to Play or Perform? Please use the regular sign up link below to sign up to attend, and then ALSO use this link to sign up to perform. If we have extra performance slots, people can sign up at the event.

Public Forum on Bethel Town Plan Update

In this meet-up, we are inviting all Bethel residents to learn more about the process to update the Town Plan and to provide feedback on the draft plan. Since January 2019, the Bethel Planning Commission has been working to update the 2014 plan, with technical assistance from Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission. Please join us as we discuss what we value about living in Bethel and what we want to work toward for the town’s future.

The Town Plan is a long-term vision for the future of Bethel. It touches on many different aspects of community life, including housing, education, utilities and public infrastructure, economic development, health, emergency services, energy, natural and cultural resources, agriculture and forestry, recreation, transportation, land use, and flood resilience.

Instructor(s): Sarah Wraight – The Bethel Planning Commission is a town-appointed committee that meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the Town Offices. Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (TRORC) has been contracted by the town of Bethel to provide technical assistance for the Town Plan update, with the support of a grant from the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development. TRORC is a Regional Planning Commission serving thirty municipalities in east-central Vermont, governed by a board of representatives appointed by each of the member towns.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Thursday 3/26 6:30-8pm

Location: Town Hall Upstairs

Beekeeper Meet-up

This meet-up is geared to bring together experienced beekeepers and potential or new beekeepers to talk about all things beekeeping. There will be time to talk about individual practices and how well bees did this year, ask questions of each other, and give advice to newcomers. Everyone has different techniques and perspectives on being a beekeeper, so this is a great place to meet other local people to share knowledge.

The long-term goal is to start a local beekeeping club.

Instructor(s): Jeanne Conde – Jeanne has been a hobby beekeeper for the past 15 years. She loves having bees and is always learning new things about them and how to work with them.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Friday 3/13 6-8pm

Location: Town Hall Downstairs Conference Room

Discover the All-New Natural You

This class offers students a free facial using naturally derived ingredients such as water, plants, and minerals. Everyone, from teenagers to seniors, will learn to take care of their facial skin.

Instructor(s): Eleanor Griffin, Mary Kay Cosmetics , http://www.marykay.com/egriffin1 – Ele has been a Mary Kay consultant since 1982 and has helped many women learn how to take care of their facial skin.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Monday 3/2 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Ele’s House, 102 East Street

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Learn the mechanics of CPR with a classroom portion followed by a hands-on practical session. There will be no card issued; this is for general knowledge only.

Instructor(s): Matthew Parrish, White River Valley Ambulance, wrva.org, – This class will be taught by one of the certified employees of White River Valley Ambulance.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Monday 3/30 6-8pm

Location: White River Valley Ambulance, 3190 Pleasant St, Bethel, VT 05032

Cosmetic Safety, Regulation, and Reading Labels

After learning some eye-opening information regarding the cosmetic industry and the ingredients in some products, Kim, a Bethel native, started her research to learn more about safer cosmetic products and brands.

Instructor(s): Kim Foss – Kim is passionate about using only safe home and body products. She loves sharing her knowledge with others.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Tuesday 3/31 6-8pm

Location: To Be Determined

Kids’ Clothing & Toy Swap

Clothes and toys are expensive and children outgrow them so quickly. Swaps are a great way to promote sustainability by reusing items that still have life left in them. Swaps keep usable items out of the landfill and they save families money. Bring items in good condition and swap them out for other useable items. Come to the Arnold Block anytime between 1 – 3 pm on Saturday to swap items, see friends, and meet new families. There will be coffee, tea, and snacks available, and an open studio play space for kids.

Accepting clean and gently used:

  • Newborn and children’s clothing and shoes
  • Maternity clothing
  • Books and toys

We’re also looking for volunteers to help make this a successful event! Come join in the fun! If interested, please email us.

Instructor(s): The Arnold Block, www.arnoldblockvt.com – The Arnold Block is a community-oriented space to play, learn, grow, and earn in downtown Bethel. The AB was founded with the goals of generating engaging, fun activities and events for families and community members. This mixed-use space includes a commercial kitchen, offices & coworking space, a workout space, and flexible-use meeting and event space. Bring your creative and business ideas to life here! We’re open to all. For more information, visit our website, www.arnoldblockvt.com.

Number of Sessions: This course meets one time.

Date & Time: Saturday 3/28 1-3pm

Location: Arnold Block, 245 Main Street, Bethel VT 05032

Materials to Bring: Please bring your used, clean clothes and toys to The Arnold Block on Friday, 3/27 between 8:30 am and 7:00 pm, or bring to the swap.

Register: Please sign up if you plan to attend. You do not need to register children, but they are welcome to attend.

Video Game Development

This is a hands-on course where you will learn video game development by designing and building a fully functional 3D game prototype. You will be part of an outrageously awesome multidisciplinary team of game designers, artists, musicians, creative writers, programmers, scripters and playtesters. There will be a role on the team for anyone and everyone, regardless of interests or skills.

There will be no costs associated with this class. Students must have access to a home computer running either Windows 10 or Apple MacOS. No computers will be provided, so those who can should bring theirs to class and allow teammates to look over their shoulders. The game will be developed using the free version of Unity3D – a professional-level game-development platform used for many of today’s AAA game titles. Software download locations and installation instructions will be on the class website @ URL: https://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/~f001xx8/bethelgames/contact.shtml#home

Instructor(s): Mark Boettcher – Mark is a senior programmer/analyst in the Dartmouth College Research Computing Dept. His background includes several years of experience as a programmer on AAA game titles for Dynamix (Sierra Online), Accolade, Sony of America, Apple, THQ, and others.

Number of Sessions: This course meets three times.

Date & Time: Saturdays 3/7, 3/14, & 3/28 11am-2pm

Location: To Be Determined