2017 Courses

We offered 77 great courses and meet-up groups (informal gatherings) in 2017.

Check out this video of our classes and sponsors, or see the full course list below.


Hookmaking: An Introduction to Blacksmithing
Basic Vehicle Maintenance
Let’s Write Poems!
The Ins and Outs of iPads!
The Holocaust Through Film and Literature
A Grand Tour of the Universe in 90 Minutes
Weaving on a Backstrap Loom
The Art and Science of Foam Rolling and Self Massage
Basic Tennis Skills
Kids’ Indoor Soccer (Grades 3-4)
Kids’ Indoor Soccer (Grades 5-6)
Kids’ Indoor Soccer (Grades 1-2)
Nerf Gun Fun
Basic Soccer Skills
Sneaky Art
Art Maker Meet-Up
Settlers of Catan
Minecraft: Advanced Commands
Scratch Programming
Spanish for Kids
Make Your Own Stamping Ink — for Preschoolers
Money in Politics & What We Can Do About It
How to Liberate a Computer with Free Software
Humanitarian Mapping
Writing a Food Memoir
The Size of Infinity
Understanding Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements
Heartsafe Community CPR Demonstration
Managing a Fantasy Baseball Team
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness 101
Partner’s Yoga
Intoduction to Rune Divination
Intro to Belly Dance
Argentine Tango
Logo Design Basics
Backyard Beekeeping
Rutland’s Refugees
Acoustic Music Jam
Introduction to Wilderness Medicine
The Kitchen Design Process
Creating Artist Trading Cards and/or a Commonplace Book
Ecological Principles in the Films of Hayao Miyazaki
Morals in Society
Homefit Workshop
Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Addictions: A Chinese Medical Approach
The Great 2017 Spring Cookie Swap
Make Your Own Earrings!
Solar Energy: Big Changes in Technology and Policy – Bethel University
Pitch Perfect: Finding Grants & Writing Winning Proposals
Everyday Utopias: What’s possible in early childhood & elementary education
Italian Fast-Food: Life Beyond Pizza
Fusion Foods
Cold Process Soap-Making
Roll Your Own: Sushi and Spring Rolls
Taco Tuesday (on a Saturday!)
Quick Italian Meals
Community Legal Information Corner (CLIC): New Legal Reference Services Open to the Public
Green Mountain Government: Exploring the VT Political Scene and How to Jump In
How to Savor Wine
Needle Felting: Whoooo Wants to Make an Owl?
Dream Play
Haunted Bethel (and Beyond)
Holy Adventuring: Strengthening Your Spiritual Muscles in These Trying Times
Dreams and Self-Expression
Go – The Ancient Chinese Board Game
Basic Chainsaw Operation, Safety, and Maintenance
Mother-Daughter Bunco Games
Stop Hunger Now
Improv Comedy for Beginners
Crazy Quilting
Trivia Night