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Zoom & Teacher Trainings

Instructors: Lylee Rauch-Kacenski & Rebecca Sanborn Stone

Teaching a virtual Bethel University class this year? Interested in teaching or developing an online course for your business or passion? We’ll help you think through how to structure and lead a great educational experience — virtually. We’ll cover how to structure and facilitate a great class or discussion for virtual learning. This is geared toward training Bethel University teachers, but open to anyone.

Zoom Skills for Teachers & Facilitators

Instructors: Lylee Rauch-Kacenski & Rebecca Sanborn Stone

Teaching a virtual Bethel University class this year? Interested in teaching or facilitating online events? Need to brush up on your Zoom skills or learn more about how the platform works? Join us to dive into how the platform works, and some tips and tricks for leading great sessions. Register once, and join us for Basic Zoom, Advanced, or both. This is geared toward training Bethel University teachers, but open to anyone.

Meet-Ups & Discussions

Meet-ups and discussions are a great chance to meet neighbors and new friends informally, share interests, have fun, or dive into a rich conversation.

Bethel UN-Town Meeting

Hosted by: Bethel Revitalization Initiative

Town Meeting Day is one of Vermont’s oldest traditions. We can’t meet for an in-person Town Meeting this year and will instead be voting by Australian ballot (at the polls). But that won’t stop Bethel! We’re still getting together as a community on Town Meeting Day to socialize, learn what’s happening in town, meet neighbors, and even eat pie. 

Join your neighbors for a fun Zoom gathering. All welcome! Hosted by the Bethel Revitalization Initiative. You can expect:

  • Speed neighboring (meet new neighbors and chat with friends in a set of short, random breakout conversations)
  • Town & legislative updates (updates from legislators and Bethel groups on what’s happening)
  • Free pie! (pick up a treat at the polls when you vote)

The Royalton Raid Revisited

Host: Jonathan Field, Associate Professor at Clemson University

Just down Route 14, in Royalton, Vermont, a historical marker titled THE ROYALTON RAID stands on the side of the road, near the intersection with Bridge St. It reads:


October 16, 1780 To terrorize the valley from Tunbridge to Royalton, nearly 300 Indians led by a British officer fell on these defenseless frontier settlements, killing 4, taking 26 prisoners & reducing Royalton to ashes. The captives hauled back to Canada were sold for $8.00 a head. This was the most calamitous of Vermont’s many Indian raids.


At a time when many historical monuments around the United States are coming under new scrutiny, it’s worth thinking about what story this marker is telling us, and if it is still the story we want it to tell. I have been doing extensive research on the Royalton Raid, this monument, and the Handy monument in South Royalton as part of a larger research interest in the legacies of settler colonialism in New England. I would like to facilitate a conversation with community members about this sign, what it means to them, and if it is time to consider revising it. 

I will provide an overview of the history of the raid and some examples of commemorations of memorials to settler-Native conflict that have been revised at locations like Historic Deerfield. Given the importance of oral histories of settlers and Indigenous people’s accounts of this raid, I hope to learn as much as I share in this session.

Vermont Life article >

Slides from meet-up group >

Drinks After Deadline: A Q&A with the Herald Staff

Hosts: Zoë Newmarco, Dylan Kelley, Tim Calabro

Come chat with the staff of the White River Valley Herald. We’ll answer your questions — How do we find stories to cover? How do we locate and verify sources and information? What have you always wondered about your local newspaper and what goes into its creation each week? We’ll also have some topics in mind to discuss, such as media literacy, fact checking in the age of the Internet, and more.


Learn new skills, explore new ideas, and meet new friends at a Bethel University class.


Instructor: Linda Bowden, AARP State President (Volunteer)

AARP surveys consistently find that older adults want to remain in their current homes and communities for as long as possible. Yet barely 1 percent of the nation’s housing supply contains any universal design elements — such as single-story living or a sink that can be reached from a wheelchair. That’s where AARP HomeFit comes in. Based on the free AARP HomeFit Guide, this presentation can help individuals and families make their current or future residence – or that of a loved one – their lifelong home.

Wealth and Income Inequality for Dummies

Instructor: Gene Kraus

It is no secret that, for the last forty years, the income of the middle and lower classes in the US has gone down when adjusted for inflation while the income of the most wealthy has skyrocketed. The gap between those at the top of the economic ladder and the rest of us has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, laying bare the economic truths that have divided us.

Especially geared for those who find such a complex subject daunting, this course is based on several easy-to-understand concepts and on two books: Robert Reich’s Saving Capitalism and Kurt Anderson’s Evil Geniuses. Students will come away from the class better able to engage in conversations and actions to address income and wealth disparity in America.

There will also be a brief overview of some of the factors that have brought us to this point, and we will open it up to discuss possible directions for the future.

Breathwork for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Instructor: Lauren Priestap, Sage Yoga

This class is for anyone interested in reducing stress, enhancing meditation, or fine-tuning focus using pranayama breathwork. Learn how to harness the energy of your own mindful breathing in order to calm your mind and body. We will have a brief introduction to basic pranayama terms and ideas, then we will practice several types of energetic breathwork together, along with a short meditation.

Somatic Movement: Wake Up Your Body’s Internal Landscape

Instructor: Emily Dooley, True Center Yoga

No yoga experience necessary. Appropriate for all levels.

Interoception is the perception of sensations from inside our bodies, including physical sensations related to internal organ function, like heartbeat, respiration, satiety, and autonomic nervous system activity related to emotions.

At some time in our lives, we may experience pain, restriction and/or disconnection from our bodies. Somatic movement practice is an incredibly effective way to re-enter our bodies and develop more interoception. You must develop the skill of listening to your body so you can respond appropriately to its needs. 

This class is a wonderful opportunity to start the new year with a deep sense of self-awareness. Somatic movement, which is done on the floor, is effective in reducing pain and creating a deep sense of well-being. Your body will thank you!

Social Impact Storytelling: Building Community Through Stories

Instructor: Rebecca Sanborn Stone, Community Workshop

Love stories? Looking for ways to build community or strengthen your social impact work? Want to get started planning your own community storytelling project? Stories and storytelling have tremendous power for community and social impact. They can break down barriers and build relationships. They can drive local economies and support entrepreneurs. They can change minds and open hearts. They can attract resources and connect changemakers. The first half of this class will share tips and stories of successful storytelling projects, from live events (story circles and Moth-style events) to multimedia projects. 

If you’re interested in planning your own project, stick around for the second half. We’ll walk through the steps of planning a project, with time for students to work on an idea and get feedback. White River Valley community members interested in organizing a storytelling project here are especially welcome! Or bring a buddy from your community or organization.

Colorful Abstracts with Markers & Pens!

Instructor: Cynthia Christensen, Cynthia Christensen Art

Have fun creating abstracts with circles! We’ll use markers to lay down colors, and gold, white, or silver pens to add highlights on top. Inspire yourself with the possibilities; freely explore movement and moods you wish to highlight in your art. Make a gift for someone you love, or decorate your own space with your work! Students will create conceptual plans during class and will finish their projects individually, afterwards.

Herbal Allies for Stressful Times

Instructor: Sarah Shaw, Hillside Botanicals

As we continue to move through these uncertain times, expanding our toolkits for coping with stress and grief appears more necessary than ever. While we are capable of continuously adapting to stress in our world, it is no secret that chronic stress can take a toll on our health. In this class we will discuss how manifestations of stress can impact our sense of well-being and explore some easily accessible herbs for soothing the body and mind. Topics will include basic physiologic impacts of stress on the body, herbs for stress and anxiety support, and basic medicine-making practices. This class is for all levels and experiences, no previous knowledge of herbal medicine is required.