Take a Course

Registration is now open for Bethel University 2019! 

Space is always limited and some classes fill up early. Register early if you plan to attend. But…

Please, pretty please, only sign up if you are definitely going to come.

You are reserving a slot that someone else might want. We’ve had a lot of no-shows in recent years. It makes our professors really sad when they work hard to prepare and their students don’t show up 😦


You can also go to our Calendar View to see the monthlong schedule.

Can’t register online? Stop into the Bethel Village Sandwich Shop or Bethel Public Library for help.

*TECHNICAL NOTE: Did you end up on a page of course listings on our site? Did you find that some links aren’t working? We know….. the website gremlins are at it again. It’s beyond control, but use the Register or Calendar links above to get where you need to go.