Now Appointing Deans & Teams for BU 2017!

BU_type_logo_orangeIt’s that time of year again – we’re ready to ramp up planning for Bethel University 2017!

Join us for an organizational meeting Tuesday December 6, 6:30 PM at the Bethel Town Hall. Learn about BU and how YOU can get involved!

We’ll be organizing the program a little differently this year… like any good university, we need some real leadership. We’re now recruiting deans and team members for the following departments:

  • President & Secretarial Staff – President needed to coordinate all university departments and team meetings. Secretarial staff needed to take and distribute meeting notes and agendas, help maintain the calendar, check BU email account, etc.
  • Dean of Faculty & Faculty Advisors – Dean to coordinate instructors and course logistics. Support team to help communicate with instructors about course logistics and enrollment, organize and lead faculty training workshops.
  • Dean of Admissions & Admissions Officers – Dean to help increase recruitment and maintain our 100% acceptance rate, manage students and enrollment. Admissions officers needed to help manage registrations and course changes, communicate with students and coordinate course logistics.
  • Dean of Communications & Outreach Team – Dean to coordinate communications, outreach and marketing efforts. Support team needed to help with writing, graphic design, outreach, press, hanging posters, making signs, etc.
  • Dean of Development & Agent Team – Dean to coordinate fundraising and sponsorship efforts, reach out to donors and manage thank you efforts. Development team needed to assist with sponsorship requests and fundraising.
  • Dean of Fun & Fun Patrol – Dean to coordinate social activities including graduation and spring break party. Fun patrol needed to help plan events and other social gatherings.
  • Buildings & Grounds Team – Support team needed to help coordinate with venues, ensure buildings are opened and tidied up, post signs, etc.
  • Webmaster & Tech Support – Webmaster to set up registration platform, consider improving or moving current website, and maintaining web and e-news platforms. Tech support team needed to help manage and update web platforms and social media.

Interested in being a Dean, or supporting one of these teams? Come to our meeting, or get in touch!

As always, BU 2017 is a do-ocracy – if  you have a great idea, we’ll help empower you to do it! We welcome all ideas and volunteers who can help make BU more successful, fun, engaging and diverse.

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