5 Reasons to Sponsor Bethel University

reasonsTeaching a course isn’t the only way to support BU. Becoming a  sponsor has major benefits for your business and the community.

We’re signing up sponsors for BU 2016 from now until January 15… read on for 5 great reasons to get involved or learn more about sponsorship.

  1. Cheap Publicity.
    Last year, BU was publicized by VPR, Vermont T
    V stations and leading newspapers, and even the Associated Press. Sponsor BU for a very reasonable cost, and you’ll get your business in the spotlight.
  2. Reach Regional Customers.
    Sponsor BU and we’ll promote your business on our posters, website, emails and other advertisements. You’ll get great local and regional exposure, reaching potential customers and demonstrating your commitment to the community.
  3. Get the VIP Treatment.
    If you want the VIP treatment at a real university, you’ll  be on the hook for several million big ones. A donation of just a few hundred dollars will make you a high roller at Bethe
    l University! We can’t put your name on a building, but we promise we’ll make you feel special.
  4. Be Part of Innovation – and Tradition.
    Bethel University is still only two years old, but it’s growing exponentially each year and fast becoming a beloved regional tradition. We’re also gaining accolades and media attention from around the region (we’ve just
    been named one of six finalists for the New England Grassroots Environment Fund’s Community Innovations Awards). Sponsor BU, and you’ll be on the cutting edge of philanthropy and community building.
  5. Help the Community. All of those benefits are great, but the best reason to sponsor BU is
    good. A LOT of good. BU is completely run by volunteers and all of our spaces are donated, so your dollars go a long way and have real, direct impact. Last year we offered more than 40 courses and signed up over 400 people- all on a shoestring budget.

Sold? Learn more about sponsoring and sign up!


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