Music and Self-Esteem: Improvising With Confidence

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Instructor: Keith Bush
Date: Wednesdays, March 12, 19, 26, 5-6 PM (3 sessions)
Location: Band Room, Whitcomb High School, Bethel, VT
Requirements: An instrument, basic understanding of reading music, and being able to play at least one song well. Only one piano student allowed. Commitment to playing at home in between classes.


Learn to make mistakes with confidence.  Explore the ideas behind improvisation and self-expression.  Bring your instruments and we will learn one song in which improvisation will be a part.  Also learn how to have the basic nuts and bolts needed to create your own melodies. Children and adults 10 and up. Some music experience.  That means a basic understanding of reading music and being able to play at least one song well on your instrument.  Bring your instruments and any books that you have been using to learn.  Because of limited time I will only be teaching one student on the piano.  You will need to be committed to playing at home on the material assigned to you.

Instructor Bio:
Keith Bush has been playing and teaching music in the Upper Valley for 12 years.  He has studied music for 32 years and has trained in music all through high school and college.  He did not finish college but have enough experience to teach this class.

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