Tennis Basics for Adults and Kids

Instructor: Ele Griffin
Date: Sunday, March 30, 10 AM-12 PM (1 session)
Location: Bethel Elementary/Whitcomb High School (gym), Bethel, VT
Requirements: Clean, non-marking gym shoes

Students will learn the correct way to hold a tennis racquet, how to hit a tennis ball, and how to score a tennis game.  They will learn how fun tennis can be and that they can easily play with one or three friends.  Students must wear gym shoes. Bring a tennis racquet if you have one, but there are racquets available for those who don’t.

Instructor Bio:
Ele Griffin has been playing tennis since 1968. She was on her college’s tennis team. She plays in two tennis leagues here in Vermont.  In the 1990’s she took USTA sponsored classes in Essex, VT on tennis instruction.


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