Introduction to Vermicomposting

earthwise_finalInstructor: Lisa McCrory, Earthwise Farm and Forest
Date: Saturday, March 22, 2-4 PM (1 session)
Location: Earthwise Farm and Forest, 341 Macintosh Hill Road, Bethel, VT
Requirements: Kids under 12 should be supervised by an adult (both must register)

Learn how easy it is to compost your food scraps with the assistance of red wiggler worms! Get acquainted to some of the compost system designs, and find out what you can do with your worm manure.

Participants will:

  • Understand the life cycle and needs of composting worms.
  • See a few different worm compost systems.
  • Learn how to feed their worms – find out what they like and don’t like to eat.
  • Learn how to use the worm manure as fertilizer – both as a solid and a liquid.
  • Learn how to care for your worms year ’round.

Instructor Bio:
Lisa McCrory is co-Owner of Earthwise Farm and Forest, a certified organic diversified farm in Bethel, VT where they market  organic meat, vegetables, herbs, flowers and raw milk from their farm and offer a number of educational workshops throughout the year. For the past 6 years, Lisa has been using Red Wiggler worms in a vermicomposting system for the purpose of creating nutrient-rich compost for their vegetable and flower gardens.


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