Cooking from Scratch: From Pasture to Plate

earthwise_finalInstructor: Carl Russell, Earthwise Farm and Forest
Date: Saturday, March 15, 6-8 PM (1 session)
Location: Bethel Town Office (Meeting Room)
Requirements: Come prepared for exposure to graphic images and discussion


Inspired by the first line from a traditional Cree Indian cookbook recipe for Rabbit Stew, “First kill a rabbit”, Carl will tap into nearly three decades of first-hand experience to introduce attendees to the basics of raising and slaughtering poultry, beef, pigs, and sheep/goats. This 2 hour class will cover technical aspects of husbandry and processing, review of legal and regulatory issues, and delve into emotional and moral convictions related to taking life to sustain life. Attendees should come prepared for exposure to graphic images and discussion, technical description of difficult procedures, and the opportunity to share personal experiences, recipes, and philosophy.

Instructor Bio:
Carl Russell and his wife Lisa McCrory own and operate Earthwise Farm and Forest in Bethel, Vermont. They raise grass-fed livestock for meat, eggs, dairy, and grow and store most of the food that they eat year round including the raising and slaughtering (on farm) of all their meat-producing animals. Everything on their farm is raised using a process of intention and intuition to validate the unseen energy of Life’s creative process.

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